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Putting names to faces at Tweetups

March 26, 2010 Content Strategy

Tweet By now I’m sure most if not all people who will read this blog post are on Twitter, and many have likely attended a local Tweetup or planned to meet some of their friends and followers at a conference or trade show. The awkward part is that many times you have no idea what […]

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What’s your opinion of Google Buzz?

February 11, 2010 Content Strategy

Tweet One thing’s for certain, there’s a lot of buzz about Buzz right now. I find it amusing that most of it is on Twitter. There are many strong opinions on both sides of the Buzz… Some love it and are telling people to hold tight, and others very obviously hate it for a variety […]

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February 11, 2010 Content Strategy

Tweet Undoubtedly like many of you, Buzz was enabled in my Gmail account yesterday. At first I thought nothing about turning it on, thinking it’d be cool to check out the latest offering from Google. I started seeing things people were posting, and it was okay. As I commented on others’ posts and had more […]

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Are social media and online collaboration tools intimidating to the technical communicator?

February 10, 2010 Content Strategy

Tweet Lately I’ve been hearing from quite a few technical communicators (technical writers, editors, illustrators, etc.) that they are either intimidated by or otherwise uninterested in social media tools and online collaboration tools. Rather than use a dynamic scratch pad like Wave to brainstorm they’d prefer a phone conference. Rather than use threaded forums they’d […]

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Regarding friend-finding Twitter tools

January 22, 2010 Content Strategy

Tweet I just read Rich Maggiani’s blog post Effectively Managing Twitter and aside from being many months behind all the other hundreds of “use these tools to find people to follow” articles out there, I really think the post misses the mark. I firmly believe Twitter is a social media tool, something that I think […]

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Regarding the many online tools STC communities are employing

September 14, 2009 Content Strategy

Tweet I posted this to a STC listserv, but it applies to all STC communities. Sorry in any of the crudeness used in making my point offends. Context: A new STC Community extended an invitation to join to several STC mailing lists, and the discussion quickly turned to “Oh jeez, another tool? (Google Groups) How […]

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STC’s wiki is also scheduled for demolition

July 7, 2009 Content Strategy

Tweet The albeit infrequently used STC wiki will also be taken down as of July 31. Both the wiki and the Forums share the same server. Members are stepping up to offer hosting for the content. I sincerely hope the STC takes them up on this. It would be a shame to lose the content […]

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Thoughts on the Closing of STC Forum

July 6, 2009 Content Strategy

Tweet I’ve been thinking about this a while, and the more I think about it, the more I don’t like it. Pardon the partial rant here, folks, but I need to get this off my chest. I’d posted this in the Forums but of course those won’t be around much longer to read. Before I begin, […]

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