Singapore to Malaysia: The a simple and incredible journey


A lot is being said about Singapore but have you ever thought of getting to Malaysia through Singapore? Well, this editorial is going to enlighten you on how you can transverse Singapore to reach Malaysia either by road, plane, train or bus. It is simple and evident that you can get to Malaysia by plane. But have you ever thought crisscrossing the two countries by road? I guess not! Let’s me educate on something, crisscrossing Singapore to Malaysia is the simplest as well as exceptional journey that will not entice you all into your life.

That said than done, it is important to stay clear the airport and take a road trip to Malaysia. Your road trip will help you get to know the physical environment of Singapore and to say the list Malaysia. What’s more, the road trip will enable you visit a different town, shopping malls, the marketplace, historical sites as well as the wildlife park.

I guess there are a lot of benefits that comes with visiting Singapore. It is best that I educate you on the best to aid you reach Malaysia over a period of ten days or so. Located on the border, Malaysia is easily accessible from Singapore. The first town that you will come across once you steps on Malaysia soil is Johor town. A lot of people cross to Malaysia to purchase food, clothes as well as other regalia. Here are several traveling tips to help you crisscross the sister countries.

Crisscrossing the two nations can be a pain in the neck for tourist. But you do not need to worry. Getting a visa to cross over to Malaysia is a walk in the park. However, you need to do early preparation. Getting to the Malaysia calls for nothing more than just going to Woodland Checkpoint and book your ticket to Malaysia. Located on the North Woodland is part of Singapore a few miles away from Kranji MRT bus station. If you want to go through Woodland Checkpoint, hire a Tax or border a bus.

The taxi service provider will drop you at the Queens terminal. Taxis with licenses are only one required to cross to Malaysia, and that is why Taxi from Woodland is obliged to drop you at the Queens terminal. At Queens’s terminal, you can hire Taxi from either side. However, taking hiring a Taxi from Malaysia could be the best option to make you reach Johor quickly. That said than done if you are considering taking a bus, go to Kranji MRT bus station and do so. Therefore, understand that there are only two buses that head to Malaysia.

Crossing to Malaysia can be attained so easily by merely observing the general rules of both countries. As you cross to Malaysia, their several marketplaces you will come across for instance Johor city. You’ll see meticulous historical site that were made by the ancient men and women. Give yourself a chance to learn how both countries look like as well as experience outstanding climate.