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Payroll Loan Credit Loan

Before making a loan, you need to evaluate if this is the right time. If you are negative, caution must be doubled.


But isn’t being negative anymore a reason to borrow?

payroll loan

Being negative does not mean that you will need to make a loan.

Being negative is synonymous with being dirty-named and in these cases, the interest rate on a loan comes out higher.

Consider whether you will be able to pay the installments, and for such cases, one of the most attractive options is the payroll loan.


What is payroll loan?

What is payroll loan?

It is a loan in which the form of payment is made through salary or INSS. A portion of the money that goes into your account will automatically be used to pay it.

There are some advantages to payroll loan:

  • Lower interest rates
  • Long term installments
  • Payroll loans can be made to people with dirty name
  • Ease to be hired.

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Payroll loan care

Payroll loan care

The first one is not to lose your job. If this happens, you will have to warn that you have lost your job and that you can no longer make the discounted salary payment. In this case, there will be a new negotiation to keep the loan, but with high interest.

In the case of retired persons or pensioners, check the INSS regulations.


Loan payroll credits

Loan payroll credits

Dosango is a 45 year old financial institution.

  • To make a loan payroll-deductible, the client will have to go through an analysis of registration data and credit value.

They confirm the feasibility of the form and date of payments chosen by the customer. If approved, the credit is released.


Dosango offers the following advantages:

credit loan

  • Little red tape for your customers
  • Plots can be made up to 72 times
  • Interest Rate 2.14 per month
  • Automatically discounted installments

Remember that the Credit Loan is made mainly for retirees and pensioners.

So if you are a person who is worried about being negative, or already is, sometimes a paycheck deductible loan can serve as an aid to your situation. Always consult beforehand if the discount that will be made will not disturb other accounts.