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Online loan without official employment


The issuance of large loans is often accompanied by considerable paper red tape. Documents required for obtaining a loan can include certificates of criminal record, seniority, family composition. But most often, bank customers are faced with the need to bring a certificate of income and formal employment. However, when it comes to getting a microloan, everything is much easier.

Is it possible to take a loan in 18 years without a job?

Is it possible to take a loan in 18 years without a job?


Yes, if you go to the Our company microcredit service. The company aims to provide small loans for various purposes for a wide range of consumers, including people without formal employment, for students and retirees. This will require only a passport of a citizen and the TIN.

Our company clients can get a loan without formal employment up to 20,000 dollar. It does not require a certificate of income and documents on official employment.

This is very convenient, because many people receive a “gray” salary, working informally, or partially receiving a “salary in envelopes.” The company understands that many people have the ability to pay the loan, but the conditions of banks, as a rule, do not allow to work with such borrowers. micro finance companys are not rigidly bound.

Our company is a loyal service which, when forming a solution, relies only on data provided by the user and his credit history. Moreover, credit history does not necessarily have to be perfect. The main thing is that there were no delays on previously opened loans. So if you are looking for a place to take a loan without work experience, Our company will be the perfect place.

How to get a loan?

How to get a loan?

Our company offers several loan products with different interest rates and maximum loan size. Read all the offers of the company and proceed to the application. This requires:

  • Choose the amount and term of the loan using a credit calculator. He immediately calculates the amount with interest.
  • To register on the site, indicating the full name, contact details. You need to come up with a password (it is important that it be complex, contain at least 6 different characters).
  • Fill out the questionnaire. You need to enter your passport information, IDN, tell about your employment, marital status, specify the address of registration and actual residence.
  • Download document scans. Only passport and TIN are required.
  • Enter card details and go through the verification procedure. It is important that the card belongs to the person who makes the loan.

The questionnaires are processed quickly, and in a couple of minutes you will get a decision on your application. If the loan is approved, the funds will be transferred within 5 minutes. Thus, to apply for loans without a job, it will take no more than half an hour.

Timely repayment of the first loan, you become a regular customer of the service and will be able to receive new microloans on more favorable terms. In addition, the company constantly operates bonus programs, discounts and special offers.