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Mona bank loan: characteristics, documents and review


Characteristics of the Mona bank loan

Characteristics of the Mona bank loan

The Mona bank Loan is a personal loan that allows applicants to obtain a minimum amount of 3000 thousand USD up to a maximum of 30 thousand USD.

Based on the amount requested, it will be possible to repay it with a minimum of 24 installments, up to a maximum of 84. The number of installments is assessed together with the financial advisor, but cannot be lower or higher than the limit imposed.

The loan is granted by Poste Italiane in agreement with three different credit institutions, these are: Dundes Bank, Caloper and Findomestic. They are the ones who actually disburse the requested sum at the post office.

Given this method of support, the conditions change according to the entity that will grant the applicant to obtain the requested amount. Therefore also the amount of the Tan and the APR varies according to the financial company that confirms the disbursement. In any case, the evaluation of the best body to obtain the amount you need is made with the support of the financial consultant of Poste Italiane.

Mona bank loan interest rates

The Loan in accordance with Dundes Bank is granted only to those who have a Mona bank account and foresees a Tan equal to 8.90% (maximum) and an APR of 10.37% (maximum).

The loan granted in accordance with Caloper : it can also be requested by those who are not Mona bank customers. The interest rate, on the other hand, is equal to 11.90% (maximum), while the APR is equal to 13.23% (maximum).

The loan in agreement with Findomestic : it is granted only to the holders of a Mona bank account. In this case, the interest provides for a maximum Tan of 9.90%, while the APR is 10.88% maximum.


Like any loan, even the one directly requested from Poste Italiane provides specific requirements to be respected.

The characteristics required to obtain the Banco Posta loan include:

  • Italian citizenship
  • Demonstrable source of income from permanent employment (public or private permanent employee)
  • There must be no protest, reporting to the CRIF or as a bad payer
  • If you have other installments to pay these must not exceed 40% of the salary amount.

Documentation required for submitting the application

The request for the Mona bank loan, in addition to specifying specific requirements, also requires specific documentation, necessary to forward the application to the financial partners that operate together with the Italian Post Office.

The documents needed for the request are:

  • Valid identity document
  • Last two payslips
  • Model 730
  • Health insurance card

During the analysis of the application, Swiss Post may still call you to ask you for more information or further documents if they are deemed necessary.

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How to apply for the Mona bank loan

How to apply for the Mona bank loan

Mona bank loans have fairly fast disbursement times, in some cases it is possible to obtain the required financing even in 24 hours.

To request the sum, however, you can choose to adopt different solutions. The fastest is definitely to go to the post office closest to you and request a meeting or make an appointment with a financial advisor. The consultant will then show you all the possibilities and possible advantages of the loans offered.

Delivery and refund

Delivery and refund

Once the request has been approved, the disbursement will take place with a transfer to your Mona bank Current Account or with a transfer to your bank account, if you are not a customer of the Italian Post Office. For minimum figures, equal to 3000 thousand USD, you can also request the disbursement in cash directly at the post office.

For the payment of the monthly installment, however, if you are a Mona bank customer you can choose to request direct debit. In the event that you are not a customer, then you have to pay the installment directly by postal order.

Reviews and opinions of those who tried the mail loan

Reviews and opinions of those who tried the mail loan

The Mona bank Loan reviews have been positive by those who have turned to this product. The various financing options provided by the possibility of requesting the sum from multiple finance companies depending on the client’s requirements and expert advice can be advantageous.

The convenience of course must be carefully assessed on the basis of the interest rate proposed at the time of the request and on the basis of the sum desired. Another of the advantages of the credit given by Mona bank is the speed of delivery, if the documents are in order, in fact, you can get the money in about 24 hours.

The product operates in the same way as those offered by other banks, therefore there are no real advantages for those who are not Mona bank customers, since in this case, the loan can only be accessed through the agreement of the post office with Caloper. On the contrary, for the holders of a postal current account the alternatives are greater and also the possibilities to access a better interest rate.