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How to get a cash loan from a bank? What is a cash loan – specialist answers

Thanks to modern banking technologies, with the help of bank electronic cards, ATMs and terminals, electronic money is easily converted to cash, and back.

Thus, when talking about getting a cash loan, one should not take it literally. As of today, having received a bank credit on the card of online transfer of its amount to an electronic card, it is possible to transfer (withdraw) cash from it on its own.

There are still situations where getting a cash loan involves

There are still situations where getting a cash loan involves

Literally getting a pack of cash through the cashier. What is this situation? They are united by the need of an individual in relatively large sums of cash, which are calculated in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of hryvnias. What is the difficulty? The answer is simple and problematic to withdraw a large sum of cash from an ATM card.

An obstacle to this can be both daily limits on the card for cash transfer, and a banal-limited stock of notes in an ATM. Therefore, it is better not to risk it, and deciding to take a cash loan from a bank for a large amount, it is better to get them right here, through the cashier.

For what purposes should I take a cash loan from a bank ?

For what purposes should I take a cash loan from a bank ?

Every day, our network of opportunities to pay for goods and services received by electronic money is expanding: through electronic bank cards through trading terminals, or directly on the Internet, through online banking systems. Then why do you need a cash loan? why bother with bundles of cash bills pocketing pockets and bursting bags?

there are specific tasks that are solved only by obtaining a large amount of cash loan:

  1. Acquisition of funds for a large number of small expenses and purchases, payments for which are inconvenient or impossible to make using an electronic bank card. Real situations? Please – money for weddings (popular so-called “wedding” loans), money for vacations or travel, money for housing repairs, etc.
  2. Ensuring the proper level of confidentiality required when saving money and carrying out large sums of money (calculations). For today, only cash settlements, which are controlled only by their owner, without the involvement of the bank (as in the case of electronic money) can provide the required level of confidentiality. Why might this privacy be needed? We are sure that each of us will find his or her own unique answer, deeply personal and confidential.

On what terms can I get a cash loan from a bank ?

On what terms can I get a cash loan from a bank ?

The main consumers of cash loans are individuals. It is under them that the conditions for obtaining a cash loan at most domestic banks are written out. But the analysis of the banking market shows that if you wish, you can find offers to get a cash loan for legal entities.

In the practice of lending to most domestic banks, there are two types of loans:

  • micro-loans up to UAH 20 – 30 thousand;
  • loans secured (bank deposit, or liquid property – real estate, vehicles, agricultural equipment, etc.), the amount of which starts from 100 thousand hryvnia, and can reach 500 thousand, even one million hryvnia.

Many domestic banks are starting to operate in a modern way, offering their clients (already have deposits, credit cards, payment cards, etc.) to issue micro-loans without income and mortgage certificate, remotely (via the Internet) micro credit on bank card. Of course, if you need to turn it into cash, it can be done at your nearest ATM. Most conservative clients can of course take cash from the bank through the cashier.

With a large cash loan (100 – 500 thousand hryvnias and more), unfortunately, such a simple “operation” will not be possible. To obtain it, you must have secured valuable liquid real estate or movable property, with an appraised value in excess of the credit amount. But it should not actually have one, one must still be able to document your bank’s ownership rights and undergo a mortgage valuation procedure.