Homebrew 2/12: Amarillo IPA

by Bill Swallow on April 30, 2012 · 0 comments

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Once again, I’m way late to the party when it comes to blogging my brewing. This will be brief, as I have 4 more brews to catch up on. (I’m making good on the brewing, but not the blogging!)

My second batch of 2012 was another IPA, this time exclusively made with Amarillo hops. I went all extract with no adjunct sugars, using just under 10 lbs of liquid malt extract. The hop schedule was fairly uniform, with about an ounce being added every 15 minutes, plus 1 ounce for dry-hopping. I used the run of the mill Safale-05 dry yeast as well. This was a knock-around beer for home, nothing fancy

The beer came out quite well. In fact, it’s probably one of the better IPAs I’ve brewed (likely because I stuck to the basics). The alcohol is up there (just under 7% ABV) but not too high. The beer has a nice light caramel color from all that liquid malt syrup, and a wonderful hoppy aroma and bite to it. If I need another knock-around IPA, I just may brew this one again (though maybe save some cash and go all-grain).

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