Flying Dog Canis Major Tasting Tonight!

by Bill Swallow on April 18, 2009 · 0 comments

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I’m really looking forward to the live tasting of Flying Dog’s Canis Major series tonight! Bo Carlson and heads of Flying Dog host as we taste some of their stronger, wilder beers.

These beers should be readily available in most beer stores (not likely your local supermarket), and in some locations you may find a Canis Major 8-pack of 7oz bottles. I was not so fortunate, so I have a 4-pack of each.

The lineup:

  • Gonzo Imperial Porter
    7.8% ABV / 7oz = 0.91 BP / 12oz = 1.56 BP
  • Double Dog Double Pale Ale
    11.5% ABV / 7oz = 1.34 BP / 12oz = 2.3 BP
  • Horn Dog Barley Wine
    10.2% ABV / 7oz = 1.19 BP / 12oz = 2.04 BP
  • Kerberos Tripel
    8.5% ABV / 7oz = 0.99 BP / 12oz = 1.7 BP

What’s a BP?

This is going to be a powerful evening. If you’re splitting the special 8-pack with a friend, you’re in for 4.43 BP or just about 4.5 regular beers. Hoarding the 8-pack will get you almost 9 regular beers! If you’re going with 12oz bottles, you’re looking at 7.6 normal beers if you have one of each!

That said, plan your night accordingly. I’ll be home and will be providing crash space for my guests. If you’ll be out on the town for the tasting, call a cab, have a designated driver, or plan a long late meal at a good greasy spoon.

See you online tonight!

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